USS Nostromo transforms any vehicle into a high-tech spaceship. This high-gloss pearl grey vinyl has a crystal clear topcoat that contains blue-cyan metallic particles that look as if they are floating above the surface. It creates a very deep colour effect with the dispersed metallic particles sparkling when the vehicle is moving or when you change your viewing angle. 

How special is this: a colour that looks like satin black but shows a hint of dark purplish-blue around every edge and corner? To make it even more exceptional: when this surface comes into contact with water, it reveals metallic particles in 5 different colours. This “colour” is appropriately called Sinister.

Bring the shape of your vehicle to life. Accentuate its beautiful, sensual shapes. The contours of any vehicle that is wrapped in Blue Living film will impressively come to life. The blue metallic main layer provides additional colour depth to the upper layer that contains more widely dispersed cyan-coloured particles, giving the vinyl a "live" effect when the viewing angle changes.

How subtle can a colour be? What colour is this even? Batwing appears matte black when it looked at an angle to the surface, but when it is bent of shaped red pigments become visible. Any car that is wrapped in Batwing gets an impressive, solid look and adds the absolute visual “Wow!” effect to it. The application of the SpecialFlakeTM technology in its multiple layers is fully revealed when the film gets wet, causing a stunning...

How scary and dangerous-looking can you make a car look? This matte blue-black colour contains the unique SpecialFlakeTM pigments that change their hue when wet, which will then reveal a deep blue surface with silver flakes, like the tiny hairs on a tarantula.

Essentials does not create ordinary matte black. If we do something it’s going to be special. Such as: DeadCrow. This matte vinyl consists of a black layer with another layer on top that contains floating yellow gold metallic pigment flakes in various shapes and sizes. The result: a massive but scintillating visual effect that accentuates all vehicle outlines.

Classic, modern, subdued, yet undeniably present. Meet the colour Black Widow. This high-gloss black film accentuates only the edges and outlines by means of its blood-red metallic particles. When the vehicle moves, the red pigment flakes seem to be dancing.

High-gloss black film with a layer of “floating” blue and cyan-coloured SpecialFlakeTM pigments. The result is a vinyl as deep and dark as the night with scintillating blue-ish stars that remind the observer of the vast expanse of space. Be wowed by the colour LastCall.

Special colours are our profession. PalladiumBlue is one of them. The optical effect is that of a softly polished metal that makes any shape seem fluid and reduces any form of glare, making the car look like it’s one large block of cast metal.

Ordinary pearlescent colours are boring. Red Mist does not belong to this category. Red mist is designed differently: it has a white pearlescent base as well as an additional hazy red layer that contains some red metal pigment flakes. It creates a visual effect that looks like three colours in three layers. No more ordinary pearlescent white. From now on it’s Red Mist.

The eye-catching film that will stun passersby. At first, looked at it from a certain angle, it looks like high-gloss black. But around the edges and outlines suddenly 6 different colours appear. Caused by the SpecialFlakeTM colour pigments in its top layer. One wonders: Is this really black or not? We think it should not be allowed to be called black. Hence Forbidden Black.

As deep as the ocean, such a gorgeous colour. At first glance it seems an ink blue color like you have seen before. But Dangerous Deep goes deeper. The application of the SpecialFlakeTM pigments in its top layer totally changes the film when it gets wet. It will amaze passersby.