This is us


SOTT has been an inventor and developer of cool trends for more than 20 years. They develop tools, fluids and adhesive films for the advertising and automotive industries. One of these is the creation of colours for color change wrap vinyls. SOTT has gradually built a worldwide reputation of being a trendsetter in this field.

The Wrap Essentials vinyl film collection is living proof of SOTT's creative spirit. Efforts nor expenses were spared in the development of the most unique films.

Our philosophy

Today’s world is a fast one. People are impatient, they want something new, they want to present their own image. We deliver. With Wrap Essentials, SOTT offers everyone the ability to create a completely unique image for his or her car, motorcycle, boat etc. before the masses start mimicking it. The Essentials exclusive colour program is only available via specially selected channels. 

Our Roots


In 1986 Marco Boyer started as a creative designer in the automotive department of a 3M subsidiary in the Netherlands. Always looking for innovations and thinking up solutions for the impossible, Marco had the proper mindset for starting a company as a supplier of specialty adhesive films and unique tools, a few years later. Starting in 1996, Marco has written 15 books and 10 training seminars with innovative installation techniques that are currently being used all over the world.

We think colors

SOTT is colour. We think in colour, we watch in colour. SOTT runs a special agency that was set up solely for playing with colours and ideas. This agency is called COLORBRAIN TM. As is demonstrated in the case of Wrap Essentials, it is clear to see that SOTT does more with colour than any other manufacturer. SOTT is two years ahead of the current trends. They just can’t help it.