The Wrap Essentials colour named PALLADIUM BLUE is unique in its design. This high-grade film consists of multilayered cast PVC containing special colour pigments and metallic particles.


The Wrap Essentials films are developed by SOTT and manufactured in the USA and are intended for the professional wrap and automotive industries. Quality and ease of installation CAN go hand in hand with great visual appeal, as these films clearly demonstrate. All films consist of a multi-layered cast pvc with micro air channels in the adhesive layer that simplify corrections during installation.


Application of the SpecialFlakeTM technique in multiple layers causes a stunning colour depth effect, much more so than in conventional wrap films.


The multilayer production process that is used for the Wrap Essentials films results in a very flexible and easily conformable film. The multi-layered cast film has a total thickness of approx. 100 microns and with some added warmth becomes so soft that it can easily be worked into corners and indentations.